* Climax Suspension can only upgrade NSW registered vehicles driving throughout Australia *
* This upgrade is legal Australia wide provided the vehicle remains registered in NSW *
Toyota Prado 150 Series GX/GLX LWB and Kakadu Tow Capacity GCM Upgrade


The Toyota Prado 150 Series has a tow capacity of 2500kgs and ball weight capacity of 250kg. We are able to increase the towing capacity to 3000kg and ball weight capacity to 300kg by fitting our Climax Suspension system and through comprehensive ADR testing procedures by our unrestricted VSCCS Engineers at our federal test facility (T15250)

As a part of the test procedure we load cell test the factory Toyota tow bar system to the AS4177.1 Standard up to 3000kg tow capacity and supply a re-rated tow capacity plate.

GCM (Gross Combination Weight) Upgrade, 5490kg To 5990kg (Increase of 500kg)

We are the pioneers of this certification, and are able to increase the GCM at the same time we increase the towing capacity. All the relevant testing is performed using state of the art equipment and documentation is supplied by our fully qualified unrestricted engineers.

ONLY Climax can upgrade the Kakadu!

The outcome...

  • your vehicle will have superior road holding capabilities and trouble free towing
  • increased ball weight capacity from 250kg to 300kg
  • increased tow capacity from 2500 to 3000kg
  • increased GCM from 5490kg to 5990kg
  • professional certification including engineering report and certification plate