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GVM, GCM and Towing Capacity Upgrades using premium quality components.
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Climax Smart Suspension - Exceed Your Expectations

My name is Dino Legovich, I own and operate Climax Suspension. For over 30 years I have worked as an automotive technician and suspension specialist in the Automotive Industry. For several years we have been designing and testing a unique and elite range of 4WD suspension that offers customers extremely high quality components, exceptional performance and a solid warranty, not only did we succeed, we exceeded our expectations and now our customers can enjoy what racing engineers and suspension specialists have known for years.

Climax SmartKit - Extreme KitsIf you are looking for the best suspension system on the market today it must tick all the boxes:

  • Quality : The Smart suspension kits use only the highest quality suspension components available from the finest manufacturers who have stood the test of time.
  • Design : Every Smart Suspension kit is unique in design, and tailored specifically for a precise application.
  • Performance : Smart Suspension kits offer a level of performance that cannot be matched and in most cases the performance will exceed your expectations.
  • Durability : Our Smart Suspension kits will outlast most other systems by years and hundreds of thousands of kilometres and in most cases will still perform way past their warranty periods.
  • Warranty : The Smart Suspension kit warranty period is for a minimum 2 year 50,000km (excludes some custom kits)

The Smart Suspension kit is not for the average person, we did not develop this range of suspension for everyone. The Climax Smart Suspension is for people who demand quality and want the very best for their vehicle without compromise. Our customers don’t just buy a Smart Suspension kit, they invest!!!!

Smartkits using Lovells, King Springs and Bilstein suspension

Our kits include :

  • World class high performance Bilstein and Koni shock absorbers, bolt-in fully assembled Smart Bilstein and Koni struts.
  • Smart leafs: using tapered design, military wrap, comfort, medium, heavy and extra heavy duty mining specs, and our Australian made premium quality Lovell’s and King’s leaf springs.
  • Smart Coil Springs: with progressive, linear and tapered wire design. Comfort, flexy, medium and heavy duty options available, made by Australia’s premier spring manufacturers Lovell’s and King’s springs.
  • Polyurethane and rubber bushes: suits leaf springs, radius arms, trailing arms, panhard rods and more.
  • Greasable shackles and pins: heavy duty zinc coated with twin outlets designed to optimise the life of our Smart bushes.
  • U-bolts: Heavy duty zinc coated. Longer than factory to accommodate heavy duty leaf packs.
  • Steering Dampers: Heavy duty hydraulic and extra heavy duty monotube.

Climax SmartCoil - custom King Springs and Lovells coil spring suspension

King Springs coil suspensionClimax Suspension is a major Lovell’s and King Springs distributor. Both Lovell’s and King Springs have been the market leaders in coil spring manufacturing in Australia for decades, and are both proudly Australian made. As you could imagine, the range of coils available cover every 4WD make including: Toyota 4WD, Nissan 4WD, Mitsubishi 4WD, Jeep 4WD, Holden 4WD, Mazda 4WD and more.

Lovells coil suspensionOur Climax Smart coils offer a range of variable designs including:

  • Progressive and linear rates, Tapered wire progressive design (Flexy coils)
  • Comfort, medium and heavy duty applications, Long travel and competition hi-lift options.

All of our Smart Coil Springs have an unbeatable warranty :  minimum 3 year warranty on King’s and an amazing 5 year unlimited kilometre warranty on Lovell’s coil springs,  (excluding some custom coil springs).

Climax SmartShocks - high performance Koni and Bilstein shock absorber suspensionClimax SmartShocks from Bilstein

Our Smart shocks are Koni and Bilstein, the inventors of their technology.

Koni were the first adjustable shock absorber ever built, and today offer the world class Heavy Track and Raid series, arguably the toughest adjustable 4WD shocks ever built.

Bilstein were the inventors of monotube technology, all high performance race and rally cars today use monotube shock absorbers, the Bugatti Veyron the fastest road car in the world uses the supreme German built Bilsteins.

Climax SmartStrut premium Koni and Bilstein strut suspensionPremium Koni strut suspension

Our fully assembled Smart Struts are a complete bolt in strut assembly, they combine a choice of either our world class Koni Adjustables or Bilstein Monotube struts, premium quality Australian made Kings or Lovell’s coil springs with the correct rate and height to suit your required application, and a brand new strut top mount assembly, which includes washers, bushes, tubes and all associated hardware.

Some coils in modern vehicles have over 900lbs of spring rate and are extremely difficult to compress, to remove and replace. Not only is this a very difficult job to do without the correct tools, it can also be very dangerous. We take the worry out of this job for you! You can combine our bolt-in Smart Struts with a suspension kit to “do it yourself” and save a few dollars on fitting.

All bolt-in Climax Smart Struts are professionally assembled, correctly aligned, have the correct spring rate for your vehicle and come with a parts and labour warranty.