GVM, GCM and Towing Capacity Upgrades using premium quality components.
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Climax Suspension offers a range of professional undercar services for Car, 4WD and Commercial vehicles.


A complete undercar inspection is available for you giving you peace of mind. The best time to consider a SUSPENSION SAFETY CHECK is when your vehicle suffers from noises, vibration, tyre wear, signs of deterioration or you are planning a trip. The SUSPENSION SAFETY CHECK is valued at $16.50 and comes with a comprehensive written report.


Correct wheel alignment is important for optimum steering response and driveability, resulting in a much safer vehicle. The signs of a vehicle requiring a wheel alignment are :

  • Slight to severe steering wheel pulling.
  • Incorrect tyre wear.
  • Poor steering wheel feel.

Changing the height of a vehicle or excessive loads can also affect the wheel alignment. Climax Suspension offer both front and rear wheel alignment for car, 4WD and commercial vehicles.


Climax suspension offers many suspension solutions from a simple shock absorber change over to a complete race set up suspension system fitted aligned and road tested. We offer:

  • Towing and load carrying upgrades.
  • Sports lowered suspension system modifications.
  • Sports height and rate adjustable race set up with special alignment settings.
  • Suspension bush fitting and alignment modifications.
  • Anti-lift and anti-sway performance enhancements.
  • Total car suspension solutions.


Whether you have a 4WD to transport the family around safely, you are a keen fisher, enjoy recreational 4WDing or are lucky enough to tour this wonderful country. Climax Suspension have your 4WD suspension covered. We offer :

  • Towing and load carrying upgrades.
  • GVM upgrades inc : (State and Federal compliance available)
  • Comfort suspension modifications and systems.
  • Suspension bush repairs and alignment modifications.
  • Heavy duty steering upgrades.
  • Hi lift modifications and suspension systems.
  • Standard to 50mm suspension component and system fitting.
  • Total 4WD suspension solutions and enhancements.


Most tradesmen and general businesses rely on commercial vehicles for transporting a variety of items including tools of trade, general freight, and many other products. A commercial vehicle can also carry its maximum pay load quite often placing enormous stress on suspension components, for these reasons we offer a solid range of services to ensure a safe journey whilst unladen or fully laden. Our services inc :

  • Towing and load carrying upgrades.
  • Heavy duty suspension upgrades.
  • Suspension bush repairs.
  • Total commercial suspension solutions.

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